Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Hi readers,

my name is Brendan and will be using this blog to comment on my daily activities. The three main topics are sport (F1 and my exercises), Games (All Consoles) and the books that I read.

Depending on the amount I can blog about will affect the frequency of the blog updates, I will aim to at least blog once every two days, though at the least will stretch to a week.

So a little bit about me, I'm a student studying Business at A level and I am hoping to have a career in the form of accounting or another financial role. During my spare time I tend to play on my Xbox 360 or PS3. If I have the energy and the weather permits I usually go out on my bike around the local roads and bridal ways to try and keep fit. Recently after a personal issue I have taken up reading which I used to do regularly 5 years ago but lost interest as I couldn't find any books that interested me.
Here is what I will aim to cover:

Games - Reviews or progress on titles

Sports - Formula one results and opinion. Mountain biking diary

Books - Progress and review of titles.

So there we go, my first blog entry and hopefully the first of many. My next post will be about games and a book review as well as progress on my cycling.