Thursday, 30 June 2011

MUSIC REVIEW: Hell The Sequel

This is the long awaited album from Bad Meets Evil Aka Eminem and Royce Da 5'9. If you had a copy of The Slim Shady LP you could listen to their first studio track called Bad Meets Evil.

Track List
  1. Welcome 2 Hell
  2. Fast Lane
  3. The Reunion
  4. Above the Law
  5. I'm on Everything
  6. A Kiss
  7. Lighters ft. Bruno Mars
  8. Take From Me
  9. Loud Noises
  10. Living Prood
  11. Echo
Notable Tracks
Fast Lane is the first single from the album. It is one of those "I'm the best, everyone else sucks". But the lyrical content is hilarious especially the Nicki Minaj line. 6/10

Above the Law is one of three of my favourite tracks off this album. Maybe it is because of the female singer which is always a nice thing to have on the side. This album features a lot of bragging and this one is one of the best of the lot. 8/10

Lighters is another of my favourites, it includes Bruno Mars, this song is more about having dreams and going out and getting them. I love the chorus, I hope Bruno decides to do a part 2 solo of this as it would be epic. This is one of the first tracks to get me hooked to this album.

The final and my favourite is Take from Me, it is about how people keep asking for things and taking them without giving you anything for it. I'm sure many of you can relate to this as I certainly can. I can't get enough of this track. 9/10

This is an OK album I wouldn't say it was brilliant but it definitely has many notable tracks. Royce is the only artist I believe that can hold a candle to Eminem and does pretty well on this album. I would say this album gets 8/10 which means I will definitely still be listening to the notable tracks

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