Monday, 4 July 2011

Bravo-two zero film

The Cast
Distributed by BBC
Produced by Ruth Caleb
Written by Andy McNab and Troy Kennedy-Martin
Starring Sean Bean, Steve Nicolson, Rick Warden, Richard Graham and Ian Curtis.
Rating: 4/5

This film is based on the book of the same name by Andy McNab. The plot is that 8 SAS (Special Air Service) soldiers went into Iraq to destroy communication between Baghdad and the SCUD missile launchers. Within hours they had been compromised and have to fight to get to the border. They also get captured and have to deal with the torture.
This was a brilliant interpretation of the book, and keeps true and skips the minimal of parts of the story.It showed some of the disturbing scenes from the book. The main character is played by a very convincing Sean Bean (Played Bormir in Lord of the Rings).
However I would only recommend you watch this after you've read the book otherwise you won't understand who and what is going on, and the reasons for why they are doing it.
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