Saturday, 2 July 2011

Formula 1 Predictions Silverstone

A week today, F1 will be starting the qualifying sessions for the British Grand Prix in Silverstone.
Silverstone Updated Pit lane
Silverstone Updated Pit and Paddock
The Silverstone pits have been updated since the last time, the image on the left is an artist's impression of the new building and it looks pretty snazzy. The new pit now includes  41 garages, a new media centre, hospitality suites, a conference centre and a new VIP spectator area according to This is all part of the new deal which will see Silverstone in F1 for 15 years, until the next contract renewal anyway. Fingers crossed that I will be able to visit it next year.

Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and the MP4 -26
Since this is the mclaren team drivers home turf I want and expect them to do well, however because of Vettels pace this is unlikely. The only way they have a chance of a 1-2 finish is if they qualify just behind him. If they can put pressure on Vettel then he will make mistakes like in Canada. This is a good tactic to pull since he hasn't been under the same strains as everyone else, so when it comes to battling an overtaker he should be a little more rusty than the two Mclaren drivers.

Hopefully this race will be slightly more interesting than the last race, honestly I fell asleep during that race and woke and thought the race was still going on when it had finished as there seemed to be very little movement in positions.

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