Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I’m a Detective…and Heli Down


This is just a general update on what I have been up to today, fun-wise.

I’ve had Batman Arkham Asylum for about 3 days now, and have finally completed the main campaign, stopped Mr Joker finally after a million attempts at the last boss. Though that was only on Normal difficulty, may attempt Hard soon. I am having a go at the challenge modes and have also completed 100% of Riddlers grid, so getting close to 100% game completion, which I only ever achieved with Call of Duty 2.

I also got hold of a copy of Black  Hawk Down which is a film I’ve been waiting to watch for almost 5 years, really enjoyed it, the previous post was a review of it. That felt like quite a short 2 hours.

Read some more of Immediate Action by Andy McNab, not a lot is happening in it at the moment, but find it very interesting, should have joined the army. I know there is a huge risk, but you get to do so much. Anyway that is enough for today Bye!

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