Monday, 11 July 2011

It’s Awfully Quiet Around Here

20110711blogJust a quick update,

I haven’t recently posted any updates for two reasons:

  • Slowly reading Immediate Action
  • Blog software encountering a number of errors
  • Nothing to review

I’ve been reading immediate action pretty slowly compared to the other books, this is because I am enjoying the story on how Mr McNab got from infantry to becoming an SAS Sergeant. I will be posting a review shortly, when finished obviously.

I use Blogger to manage my blog, and recently I have been getting a few server errors namely 503 I think, it works on occasions when I press the magical refresh button, but sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t use the online editor to post stuff though, I currently use Windows Live Writer as it includes a few nice extras that the Blogger software doesn’t offer. (Tagging for other websites)

And the final reason, since I’m busy reading Immediate Action I haven’t had time to do anything else that would let me review it. In the next few weeks I might trade in some games so that I can buy some more, I’m currently looking at Burnout Paradise, but the ultimate edition.

tinkyAnd just for a little bit of humour, this is my cat Tinkybell, she’s 11 years old and is a tad fat. She also is very talkative, well when there is food to be had. Also when she jumps up on things round humans she likes to announce it with a subtle meow.

So yeah there we go another update done hope it was ok, if you have anything you want me to review just send me an email:, make sure you put Not-So Simple as the subject and I’ll see if I can get a review done by the end of the week, bye.