Sunday, 17 July 2011

It’s Google, But With a Plus?

So Google’s answer to Facebook is finally here, and it’s name Google Plus or Google+. Anything you can do in Facebook you can do in Google Plus, it is really hard to tell the 08difference between the two as there are only a few differences.
The main difference however is the Circles, you can group your friends into Circles which is a bit like Facebook groups but is only seen by the individual which is a bonus. Each circle is then given privacy settings, such as if they can see your photos and relationships, I really like this feature and the way you can organise them into the circle is a nice visual effect. Another ‘Plus’ is that there are no annoying apps…yet, hopefully if they do come along Google will be far more strict than Facebook by only letting useful apps get onto the website.
If you have an Android Phone you can have all your pictures and videos that you take automatically be sent to a private album, which if you want to can share up to 8 images at a time in one post, this is a good idea since you may take a picture of something you do not want to share, and it won’t be automatically broadcasted to the world.
Another feature is the chat interface, it allows you to have video conferences with multiple people in-browser, which at the current moment Facebook doesn’t allow.
The only downsides I can see is that it has come out rather late, Facebook dominates the Social Network market, so for Google Plus to break through it will need more stand out features. If this doesn’t happen quickly enough then it will just be forgotten and not used. People will only stay around if enough of their friends join, if this doesn’t happen then they will just go back to Facebook.
So please friends, join Google Plus I really like the interface and especially the circles.