Thursday, 28 July 2011

Life is Full of Ups and Downs

At precisely 13:03 today I received an email from a company I applied to work for:

We are sorry to inform you…”

It’s pretty simple to tell what they said from that, so obviously I felt rather down since this keeps happening. Well at around 16:00  I received a phone call, expecting it to be my ex (but shh), but no it was one of the recruitment companies that I had applied to and they had found me a job. Later on I was contacted by the relevant branch and given an email with all the details. However upon reading the email I found that I lacked the required experience for that particular role, disheartened I emailed the contact and she gave me some good news, that it wasn’t necessary and that I had more than enough for the job.

This has made my day, regardless if I get the job or not, the fact that I’m on course for interviews is brilliant. Life is starting to look up. Now to celebrate…