Thursday, 21 July 2011

Locusts and Speed Demons

Here is a continuation of the previous post about games I cannot wait to play this year.

Gears of War 3

Platform: Xbox 360

Having enjoyed the first game, the second one was a bit of a let down. I kept that game until I kept it and sold it on.

The story mode hasn’t been given much exposure this time around, however I can safely say that Felix (The main protagonist) and Delta squad are off to kill the queen to end this war, which would be a pretty good idea. In the first game they tried to blow up the tunnels which failed but did kill quite a few locusts, in the second they sank the last sanctuary of the human race, which seemed to have had the same effect as the previous game.

Opinion: Out of all the franchises coming out in the next quarter this is the one I am least looking forward to, I’ll definitely buy it when it is cheaper, but I’m in no rush. The multiplayer mode better be better than Gears 2, otherwise gamers will quickly complete the campaign and then sell it on.

Due: 20th September

Driver: San Francisco

Platform: Xbox 360, PC, PS3, Wii

Finally back in the shoes of bad ass cop Tanner, your mission seems simple: recapture Jericho. But before this can happen Tanner gets involved in a massive car crash and ends up with special possession powers. Tanner can now transfer to drivers in different cars, which can result in new missions (Like taxi driver missions in GTA) and also faster cars to complete the main missions.

However this new possession power would give you surely a massive advantage over the cops and baddies so I’m guessing there is a limit to when and how many times you can do it hopefully.

The game also comes with a new multiplayer mode, but details are limited.

Opinion: The previous few driver sequels never quite matched up to the original, and this one sadly seems like it is going to be the same deal, I’m going to wait out to see if the game is any good before buying it, rather than risking a pre-order to find out is rubbish.

Due: 2nd September