Tuesday, 12 July 2011

OoT and F1 Verdict

Today I have been on the bus to look for work, how fun. Haven’t been to Bedford in ages, almost 3 months ago. It hasn’t changed much except there is a new trainer shop. Popped into WHSmiths and then Waterstones. I was looking for Andy McNab’s Seven Troop, Waterstones was selling it for £7.99 Surprised smile. I don’t really expect book stores on the high street to survive much longer, even though children can’t use online stores. So I’m going to order it online.

Formula One

A bit late but here we go for a Formula One update, like the last race I missed the Formula One, I only got to see them cross the line, I cannot believe that Jenson didn’t finish the race, poor guy wasn’t his fault and probably wasn’t the pit crew’s fault either. It really isn’t Mclaren’s season this year, but they are certainly entertaining to watch and that is all that matters really. They’ll probably get the most sponsors simply because of them two personalities, a bit like Beckham back when he was with Man U…wait a minute Vodafone…there is a pattern Surprised smile. lolz

The Legend!

Bought some Wii points today, and bought…

We still have the N64, but because we don’t have an old bulky TV anymore the N64 wasn’t compatible with any of our TVs as they no longer work on that frequency apparently. I am waiting for my go at the moment as it is technically my brothers, which is a big shame. We will also be downloading its sequel Majora’s Mask, which considering most sequels was epic and didn’t fall short of the original.

Not really much else to say, still reading Immediate Action, I’ve got to a really good bit, I won’t spoil it but it has nothing to do with the SAS. Should have the book finished and reviewed by the end of the week hopefully.